marți, 10 februarie 2015

Floor sanding in Dublin, from the best “sanders”

Recently I was looking for a team of floor sanding in Dublin, and, to be honest, it took me a lot of time to find the proper one. I live in an old house, build in the past century, and I really wanted someone that could understand just how valuable this house is.
I called in meetings with more than 5 teams that did floor sanding in Dublin, but none of them had the experience to work with special floor, like mine. Most of my house has black marble floors, and in the living room and bedrooms are walnut floors, but all the professionals that came in, said they would not sand the marble floors. They said something about not having the type of sand to refinish it, so I had top keep looking.

One day I came across an advertisement in a local news paper about a new team of professionals in floor sanding in my town. I instantly thought that if they tell me the same thing, then I am going to polish that floor myself.  So I called them, and I told them exactly my problem, and was relieved to find out the can do it. It would just cost a little more, than for hard word floors. But that was not the problem for me, because I really needed my floors to shine again, as they did in their glory days.

So they came in the next morning and they finished everything in less than 5 hours. 200 square meters in less than 5 hours! I was amazed, and the result was just as spectacular. They even cleaned up after themselves so they didn’t leave any mess at all. I believe it was worth it, so here I am, recommending you to pick the best team of floor sanding in Dublin, whenever you are in need.