luni, 19 octombrie 2015

What can you ask from floor sanding specialists

When it comes to floor sanding, the matters are pretty much set in stone…or wood, or marble, depending on your floors. Whether your contractor has the necessary utensils to sand your parquet floors or not, you will have to ask first.

Most of the contractors have the equipment to sand any kind of floors, but you need to make sure. For example, not all of them will have the equipment to sand bamboo floors. That doesn’t mean you cannot call them, you just need to inform them because the only thing they need, actually is another type of sandpaper. A softer more adequate for the soft essence wood.

On the contrary if you happen to have hard wood floors, such as oak or walnut you should also inform your floor sanding specialist, to be ready. And, not to mention the stone floors that require an entirely different technique.

Also, stairs and lots of corners will require more time because the sanding is done with an edger that is smaller and more detailed work can be done easier, so don’t forget to mention this as well. Also, don’t forget to mention the age of the flooring. Especially old flooring will need replacing some of it, due to rotting and moths, and also, what kind of varnish you want.

You can chose colorless, matt, shiny or in a particular color. However, you need to understand that if you have nice wooden floors it is probably best to keep them as they are with a maximum of transparent varnish, for protection. If you have parquet flooring you can choose to color it every way you like, but also, only if it is stained or damaged beyond repair. Remember though, that wood is organic and it will run out after all. Too many sanding will require a new floor, so be careful with that.

If you happen to be in Dublin, feel free to check with Dublin-Floorsanding at Ashleigh House, JFK Road, 12 for more details.also you can call them at 1800 844 111 or click here to get in contact with them.

marți, 29 septembrie 2015

How to find a floor sanding contractor

Sometimes we, the women of the world, think it is time to change things around the house, isn’t that right? I believe I speak for the whole female population when I say that redecorating is something we enjoy very much, but we are, also, very good at it, especially since we spend so much time doing the same thing, and thinking what color should best fit the walls and how should we match the sofa with the carpet, or not… honestly, there are a thousand things that we think about when we redecorate, therefore it is only natural that we absolutely know where to find everything.

One of the things we need to know is how to find a certain contractor. If you need repairing something around the house, then we need to have the number of a good builder or handyman. If we need to mind the plumbing, then the number of a plumber is not something to lose.

Just as well, when we talk about floor sanding, we absolutely need to have the number of a good floor sanding contractor. Since there are a lot of contractors on the market we absolutely need the ones that are professionals, so that we could trust them.

Trust your instincts when it comes to finding the right contractors, because sometimes advertisements can lie. For example, take a good look at the list of clients they have. Are those clients satisfied? Do they look like you can trust them?

A good floor sanding contractor will always have a few references up his sleeve, ready to be advertised. That is because a good business man understand that the power of example is much better than any publicity. Here is a good example: Dublin-FloorSanding at Ashleigh House, Jfk Road, Dublin 12. You can use the phone numbers: 1800 844 111 (free) OR 085 1140 008 or email them at:

luni, 13 iulie 2015

What to expect when floor sanding

Some people do not understand that home projects may be expensive, difficult and even surprisingly unpleasant. In order to be totally informed when you decide to get floor sanding, I have decided to enlighten you, a little.

Firstly, you should know that currently you can have floors sanding services without any dust around. New machinery solves this problem too. Although it is yet a little more expensive than regular floor sanding, it is worth the money. Dust has the gift of finding narrow places and just sit there making our children and our pets sick. Not to mention asthmatic people who are most affected by the dust, so don’t be cheap, it is not the case.

Moreover, this entire process costs relatively a little. In comparison with replacing an old floor, sanding is the ideal thing to do, especially if you have wooden or stone floors. Replacing them can cost a fortune, and it is best to just sand it.

Also, depending on the type of floor you have, the contractor can recommend a certain kind of sanding. Every floor is special, some are made of stronger wood or stone, while others are made of soft wood, which needs special attention. The material also dictates the varnishes needed for the after sanding step. For example, stone floors do not need varnishes just a little waxing. But, usually, you can ask this kind of details from your contractor directly, with specifications for your exact type of floor.

Odors, are also important. Your house should not smell like a distillery for more that 36-48 hours, everything that surpasses that simply does not worth the money. Also, you can ask your contractor if he has any kind of device that would clean the air of any damaging vapors. Hire the contractor that does have such a thing, because it is worth it! For more tips and tricks, visit us online.

luni, 22 iunie 2015

Floor refinishing companies get upgraded

Back in the day, when nothing was automatic, people used all sorts of techniques to get things done around the house. Before the existence of the many appliances, people use d to sand their floors manually. Yes, manually, with sand paper. Can you imagine just how much it used to take to sand your floors.
Simply thinking of the many steps you need to follow before finishing the work, it gives me a headache. Thank god things have changed since then. Everything is a little easier, more affordable and, obviously easier.
Although in the beginning of the floor refinishing activity, the sanders were big, dusty and very, very loud, things have evolved, nice and easy, to the step where we can actually sand our floors on an entire story in a matter of hours, and not days. Furthermore, nowadays, the machinery has evolved so much, that it is not even that dusty anymore. Of course, there is room for improvement, but, things are far cleaner than they used to be.
Floor refinishing companies have bought constantly and have completed their “robotic staff” with more silent sanders, leaving the old ones for rental.

People believe the sanders of the future will be so silent and dust free, and maybe will even drive themselves, who knows what future lays ahead. 

duminică, 24 mai 2015

Little facts about floor refinishing in Dublin

Having old wooden floors and stairs can be a bit disappointing to some extent. Trying to throw them away is nothing but a waste of good money, on buying news ones. Even though hard wood floors is not that expensive, haven’t you considered other options?
If no, why not? Is it really worth the trouble of getting new floors and stair, instead of refinishing the old ones? At least they remain in place.
For example, trying to do floor refinishing in Dublin may seem expensive for some people. Especially the people that compare the price of a carpet that you can lay over the old, ugly floors, because it is obvious that floor refinishing in Dublin and anywhere else on this planet is a bit more expensive than some carpets. However, wouldn’t you like some shiny floors instead of a dull carpet? Because I know I would. Apart from the fact that is more classy and glamorous, you help the house keep it original feel. Nothing like an old Victorian house with shiny oaken floors, am I right?
Why would you want to cover beautiful floors?

Besides, I know for a fact that floor refinishing in Dublin, from a certain company can really upgrade your style, and your house’s style as well. Anything from rough marble and granite to travertine and soft bamboo wood, everything is possible to be refinish. Operating specialized machinery can be difficult but the specialized staff can deal with any kind of flooring. Try them, before deciding to throw away nice old floors!

vineri, 17 aprilie 2015

It is important to properly maintain your wooden floors for a better quality life

Whenever you’re in the comfort of your own home, you feel relaxed and you re-energize by doing what you like or spending time with your family, and within a home there’s not a single spot which can’t be used, such is the case of your wooden floors. The wood is always warm and covered with a small rug or a carpet it can be the perfect playground for children and even for sleeping or an unconventional picnic.
After a good amount of time you feel like it’s time to do something, change something around the house, change its air so you think your old floor could benefit from such a makeover and decide you want it sanded and renewed. The floor sanding process can easily be completed by a team of well-trained and experienced people, who will take you through all the necessary details and important steps to follow in order to get the job done as fast as possible.
After the floor has been sanded, waxed, varnished and dried out you will be looking at a brand new room because the new color of the floor, its shine and smoothness will definitely improve the aspect of your interiors; and that sort of feeling is what gives you the certainty you’ve done something useful with your money, something that will live a long time from now on.
Quality companies that offer reliable, fast and professional services along with very well-trained floor sanders will always value your referral and in order for them to obtain that, they will do their best to meet all your expectations and provide good quality work. There is no better advertising than the one coming from a satisfied customer.
Office buildings can also have their floors sanded and renewed with a new stain or even the same color, but the fact that it’s new again it can increase the value of the building and the business itself because respectable companies only want the best for their employees and that means offering them the right conditions to work, and if a floor will always look like new, clean and smooth it will be a great pleasure to be working in such an environment.
Your floors need maintenance too so don’t wait until it can be too late to revive them and enjoy a totally changed interior aspect.

joi, 19 martie 2015

Have some fun while floor sanding in Dublin

You may think there is nothing out of the ordinary at floor sanding in Dublin, but the truth is you have no idea. As a matter of fact, there is one company in Dublin that will contradict you. Four years ago when they entered the market, it was tough competition, so they needed to do something amazing.
So they thought, what it that would bring them more clients and less competition was. Of course they didn’t figure it out right away, in fact it took them a few months to solve this problem, but when they did, they scrapped the floors.
Right now there is not another company that does floor sanding in Dublin that would offer what they do. They offer you a complementary spa visit. While they are in your house, making noise and covering anything with dust, you enjoy a good day at the spa, with facial treatments and massages and face masks and all sorts of therapy. And it is all free of charge!
Can you imagine a better deal?
It’s true the are a bit more expensive than the rest of the companies, but what they offer isn’t nearly as cheap as the difference between them and the competition, so I believe 100 pounds extra for an entire house is worth it. With only 100 pound you can enjoy a whole day at the spa, in a clean and luxurious environment. What could be better that this.
Not to mention that when you come back you will find everything clean again. These professionals in floor sanding in Dublin clean after themselves and vacuum all the dust, so that you don’t have to worry about. Isn’t it great?

marți, 10 februarie 2015

Floor sanding in Dublin, from the best “sanders”

Recently I was looking for a team of floor sanding in Dublin, and, to be honest, it took me a lot of time to find the proper one. I live in an old house, build in the past century, and I really wanted someone that could understand just how valuable this house is.
I called in meetings with more than 5 teams that did floor sanding in Dublin, but none of them had the experience to work with special floor, like mine. Most of my house has black marble floors, and in the living room and bedrooms are walnut floors, but all the professionals that came in, said they would not sand the marble floors. They said something about not having the type of sand to refinish it, so I had top keep looking.

One day I came across an advertisement in a local news paper about a new team of professionals in floor sanding in my town. I instantly thought that if they tell me the same thing, then I am going to polish that floor myself.  So I called them, and I told them exactly my problem, and was relieved to find out the can do it. It would just cost a little more, than for hard word floors. But that was not the problem for me, because I really needed my floors to shine again, as they did in their glory days.

So they came in the next morning and they finished everything in less than 5 hours. 200 square meters in less than 5 hours! I was amazed, and the result was just as spectacular. They even cleaned up after themselves so they didn’t leave any mess at all. I believe it was worth it, so here I am, recommending you to pick the best team of floor sanding in Dublin, whenever you are in need.