luni, 19 octombrie 2015

What can you ask from floor sanding specialists

When it comes to floor sanding, the matters are pretty much set in stone…or wood, or marble, depending on your floors. Whether your contractor has the necessary utensils to sand your parquet floors or not, you will have to ask first.

Most of the contractors have the equipment to sand any kind of floors, but you need to make sure. For example, not all of them will have the equipment to sand bamboo floors. That doesn’t mean you cannot call them, you just need to inform them because the only thing they need, actually is another type of sandpaper. A softer more adequate for the soft essence wood.

On the contrary if you happen to have hard wood floors, such as oak or walnut you should also inform your floor sanding specialist, to be ready. And, not to mention the stone floors that require an entirely different technique.

Also, stairs and lots of corners will require more time because the sanding is done with an edger that is smaller and more detailed work can be done easier, so don’t forget to mention this as well. Also, don’t forget to mention the age of the flooring. Especially old flooring will need replacing some of it, due to rotting and moths, and also, what kind of varnish you want.

You can chose colorless, matt, shiny or in a particular color. However, you need to understand that if you have nice wooden floors it is probably best to keep them as they are with a maximum of transparent varnish, for protection. If you have parquet flooring you can choose to color it every way you like, but also, only if it is stained or damaged beyond repair. Remember though, that wood is organic and it will run out after all. Too many sanding will require a new floor, so be careful with that.

If you happen to be in Dublin, feel free to check with Dublin-Floorsanding at Ashleigh House, JFK Road, 12 for more details.also you can call them at 1800 844 111 or click here to get in contact with them.

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